Our Superheroes

Who you’ll do business with

Mejo Kuriachan


Mejo puts the 'Everything' in 'Everything Flow, Design, and Motion'. A straight shooter who is an engineer first, strategist and design manager later. For clients, he is a business advisor who promises results without bells and whistles.

Arpan Sen

Chief of Staff

I covers the management bit at Everthing Flow and makes sure that everything, well......flows smoothly. Even though I am the Chief of Staff, I understand Webflow, the technicalities, the limits, the possibilites. This gives me the unique advantage of breaking down complex technical jargons in easy to understand terms, for the client.

Saurabh Chakradhari

Lead Webflow Developer

As the head of the Webflow department at Everything Flow, I'm your go-to guy for all technical questions. With a background in engineering, my analytical thinking sets me apart in problem-solving. My strengths lie in meticulous attention to detail, meeting deadlines, and stellar client communication.

Jerry Thomas

Head of Sales and Partnerships

I'm the Head of Sales and Partnerships, a savvy operator with a passion for cars that's as hot as burning rubber on a racetrack. I'm all about driving growth, sealing deals, and building lasting relationships in the fast lane of business. When I'm not closing deals, I'm indulging in all things automotive. I geek out over engine performance, drool over sleek designs, and can talk shop about horsepower for hours.

Jiyash AK

Sr. Webflow Developer & SEO Expert

I excel in crafting dynamic websites using GSAP, JavaScript, and jQuery. With strong coding and debugging skills, I ensure seamless functionality. Punctual and efficient, I stay ahead by embracing new coding languages and industry trends. Passionate about web development, I also enjoy exploring new destinations, football, and gaming. My goal is to continue thriving as webflow expert.

Sabareesh S

Frontend Developer & Webflow Developer

I am passionate Front-end developer with a keen eye for design. My journey in web development has allowed me to craft visually stunning and user-friendly web pages using HTML. I am skilled in using tools and technologies like Webflow, React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Material UI, and other frontend libraries. I like to play games on PC and listen to music and podcasts in my free time.

Kaif Suthar

Webflow Developer

Burhan Upad

Webflow Developer

I specialize in crafting visually stunning websites with slick JavaScript animations. I thrive on being a good listener, helping out whenever someone's stuck. Outside of coding, I love diving into movies and TV series, and geeking out over pop-culture fan theories.

Rajashri Brahma

Backend Developer & Webflow Developer

I am a web developer fueled by a passion for problem-solving and a love for teamwork. With a knack for clear communication, I thrive in dynamic environments where I can dive into new technologies and collaborate with fellow developers. Outside of coding, I enjoy adrenaline-pumping games and exploring my creativity through pixel art.

Yugankita Aich

Design and Project Manager

I am a blend of engineer and designer. I've always been drawn to the creative world of design, so after earning my degree in computer science engineering, I deepened my passion for design. Now, I'm working as a part of the Project Management Team, where I bring together the Design Team, Development Team, and the Clients, ensuring smooth collaboration and successful outcomes.